After “Matrix Resurrections”: Is there another sequel to the sci-fi series with Keanu Reeves?


After “Matrix Resurrections”, can fans look forward to “Matrix 5” soon? A continuation is theoretically possible, but there are some arguments against another part of the franchise.

Matrix Resurrections: Reunion with Neo in “Matrix 5”? (Source: © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited)

  • Can we expect a sequel to “Matrix Resurrections” with “Matrix 5”?
  • The plot of the film doesn’t rule out another film, but the grossing result gives little hope.
  • Producer John McTeigue now talks about the potential future of the Matrix franchise.

With “Matrix Resurrections” the “Matrix” trilogy received an unexpected sequel at the end of December 2021. The reactions were very mixed: Many are enthusiastic that the film criticizes Sequels on a meta-level and is not simply a lukewarm infusion of the last films without new ideas.

Other viewers criticize the film, find it boring, unnecessary and miss the action that made the series great. So there will be no agreement here, but “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions” already split the fan base of the first film.

Especially for the members of the audience who were satisfied with “Matrix Resurrections”, the question now arises as to whether another film awaits us. The new film doesn’t end with a big cliffhanger, but the plot isn’t completely finished either.

So here Warner Bros. has obviously left all doors open for another film, but a look at the grossing results for “Matrix Resurrections” is sobering. With a budget of $ 190 million, the fourth film in the series was more expensive than its predecessor, but has only grossed just under $ 106 million so far.

Of course, the revenues will continue to rise, “Matrix Resurrections” is still running internationally in cinemas and DVD, Blu-Ray and stream sales will follow later, but the film should ultimately be considered a flop.

It is therefore not surprising that producer James McTeigue is currently not planning any further sequels or prequels, as he reveals in an interview with Collider. He is careful not to officially declare the franchise over, after all, Warner Bros. could plan a restart one day, but there will probably not be a direct sequel to “Matrix Resurrections”.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do without Keanu Reeves, who is still very busy. At least two more “John Wick” films await us, but “John Wick 4” was only recently moved to 2023. He also plays a leading role in the upcoming Apple TV + series “The Devil in the White City” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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