After months of waiting – US House of Representatives votes for billions in aid to Ukraine – News


For months there was no movement in the US Congress: Republicans in the House of Representatives blocked billions in aid for Ukraine. Now there is a breakthrough.

After months of blockade, the US House of Representatives has approved a billion-dollar aid package with urgently needed arms supplies for Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia. The parliamentary chamber passed a corresponding bill that contains around 61 billion US dollars (around 55 billion francs) for Kiev. The necessary approval from the Senate is still pending, but is considered certain.

The bill passed with a bipartisan majority of 311 to 112 in the chamber, where Republicans have a razor-thin majority. There was applause in the plenary session after the vote. A number of MPs waved Ukrainian flags and shouted “Ukraine, Ukraine”.

Trump hardliners opposed the aid package

Numerous Republicans voted against the aid, but were unable to prevent its adoption with the help of the Democrats. The package provides about $23 billion for expanding the U.S. military inventory. The money therefore goes indirectly to Ukraine, as the USA usually supplies Ukraine with equipment from its stocks.

The rest of the money is earmarked for further military support and financial assistance. The latter is designed as a loan. The text also states that US President Biden should provide Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missile systems “as soon as practicable”. Kiev has long hoped for the weapon system, whose missiles are fired from the ground at targets on the ground.

After the approval, US President Joe Biden called on the Senate to act quickly. The Democrat announced that he would sign the law after approval by the second chamber of parliament. It is certain that the Senate will approve the aid. Biden’s Democrats have a majority there. A vote could take place as early as next week.

Ukraine and allies express gratitude

Volodimir Selenski shows his gratitude in a post on X. Ukraine’s president said the bill, which still needs to be approved by the US Senate, “will prevent the expansion of war and save thousands of lives.”

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the US House of Representatives’ approval of an aid package for Ukraine’s war effort. “I welcome the fact that the United States House of Representatives has approved a significant new aid package for Ukraine that uses weapons provided by NATO allies to destroy Russian combat capabilities,” Stoltenberg said on X.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also congratulated the USA on X. “The hearts of the most important Ukraine supporters are beating in rhythm again,” wrote Baerbock.

The Senate had actually already voted in February for a billion-dollar aid package requested by Biden. However, this never came to a vote because an internal party power struggle was raging in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

The USA is considered Ukraine’s most important ally in the fight against the Russian invasion. Since the war began in February 2022, President Biden’s administration has provided more than $44 billion in military assistance to Kyiv.

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