After months of work, Karl Olive submits a report to “build a nation through sport”

“Making a nation through sport.” This is the title of the report made by the mayor of Poissy Karl Olive to Jacqueline Gourault, Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Nadia Hai, Minister for the City, and Roxana Maracineanu, Minister for Sports. He was the guest ofEurope 1 Sport Friday. “Between the start of the epidemic and today, our young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have gained between 5 and 15 kilos. At the same time, they have lost their cognitive dependence by almost 40%”, recalled the aedile. “Sport is a social catalyst,” he said. For three months, Karl Olive was in the field and carried out 120 different hearings, to produce the 24 recommendations of this report. And the latter “are validated by those who are in the field”.

Sports community service

These proposals have not gone unnoticed, since three have already been accepted by the Prime Minister. First of all, his idea of ​​third sports venues, solidarity dojos and large spaces at the foot of buildings. Then, “local sports contracts, therefore Olympic educational cities”.

Finally, Jean Castex also retained the proposal to create work of general interest (TIG) sport, for “the legal redress of a minor offender”: “I propose that work of general interest be done within clubs sports”, confirmed the former sports journalist.

Future Minister of Sports?

A report also read by the President of the Republic himself. What to imagine a place of minister during the next five-year term of Emmanuel Macron, if he is re-elected? At Lionel Rosso’s microphone, Karl Olive remained very evasive: “It’s not a subject at all.” And to add that he has already “earned a little thing by bringing the stone to the building” with these recommendations. “I was told ‘You are going to see your report, it will be an additional report, it will be used to set up an office, etc. No, we already have recommendations’ made, he assured.

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