After Netflix and Disney+, Prime Video will offer an offer with advertising in 2024

After setting up an offer with advertising for Netflix – and soon for Disney + -, the Prime Video platform also announces a new offer, expected for 2024.

On November 1, Disney+ France will launch a new subscription offer with advertising. A decision that echoes that of the Netflix platform which has been offering, since fall 2022, an offer of €5.99 per month with advertising spots. Today, Prime Video is taking the same path. The information is confirmed by the streaming giant itself. The firm announces implementation for 2024.

Our goal is to show significantly fewer ads than linear TV and other on-demand TV services”, informs the press release shared by the platform. Two important pieces of information: the press release explains that “no action is required from Prime members” and “Prime subscription price will not change in 2024”.

Is advertising becoming mandatory? No, as with other platforms, Prime Video will offer another ad-free option. The price of this offer has not yet been communicated. Subscribers will be notified of these changes several weeks in advance: “We will inform Prime members by email of how to subscribe to the ad-free option..”

Once Prime Video has officially changed its offering, Apple TV+ will remain the only platform to currently not offer any advertising.

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