After Owlboy, D-Pad Studio announces Vikings on Trampolines

Far from a spiritual successor to Owlboyespecially since it was initially announced in 2011 before evaporating, Vikings on Trampolines is a side-scrolling action/platform game that immediately stands out for its multiplayer orientation, since 4 vikings can set off together on a path filled with trampolines and therefore with jumping opportunities.

In the adventure mode, the proud vikings will benefit from collaborating (locally only) to advance in the levels, defeat the bosses, complete mini-games and save the kingdom from the evil Ballooni, but the concept obviously applies rather well to a few competitive scuffles in versus mode.

Almost reminiscent of Treasure by the fantasy that emanates from it, the game presents itself in any case as being easy to access since it is said to be playable entirely with one hand, the other being able to hold a mug of mead, even a sword for those who are really afraid of missing out on Valhalla. No release date Vikings on Trampolines is currently only announced on Steam.

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