After Plan Cœur (Netflix), Noémie Saglio returns with a new comedy series with Guillaume Labbé and Manu Payet

Love, friendship and masculinity will be at the heart of Noémie Saglio’s new series (Plan Cœur), announced today by Netflix.

After Plan coeur, actress, director and screenwriter Noémie Saglio is soon back on Netflix with a new series.

Deconstructing toxic masculinity with humor

Baptized Burn out, this series will humorously focus on the deconstruction of toxic masculinity. It will follow Cédric, Tom, Jérémie and Tonio, four friends whose romantic and professional lives are turned upside down by the women in their lives.

They all struggle to find their place and love in a society that increasingly questions patriarchy, which leads them to be progressively deprived of their privileges.

To embody this group of long-time friends, Noémie Saglio called on Manu Payet, Antoine Gouy (Assane Diop’s faithful partner in Lupine), Vincent Heneine (The Eddy, J’ai menti, Panda), as well as an actor well known to fans of Plan coeur, namely Guillaume Labbé (I promise you, Escort Boys, Eyes wide closed).

Noémie Saglio’s new series after Plan coeur

Currently, no release date has yet been announced. However, Netflix announced in a press release that filming began on January 8 in Paris and should take place between the capital and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

In the meantime, Plan coeur can still be (re)discovered on Netflix. As a reminder, the series tells the story of Elsa (Zita Hanrot), a young woman who cannot forget her ex. To help her, her friends hire an escort and surprise her. Except that the plan works a little too well…

Broadcast between 2018 and 2022 on the streaming platform, Plan coeur has three seasons.

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