After podcasts, Spotify is entering a new market!

Antoine Roche

September 21, 2022 at 11:35 a.m.


Spotify Audiobook © Spotify


Requested for years by users (according to Spotify), audio books are coming to the platform…

…at least in the United States to begin with.

Spotify embraces audiobooks

The audio books, or audiobooks, are the relatively logical latest addition to Spotify. After the podcasts and multiple small actions in this direction, it was indeed expected that the platform would continue its strategy beyond simple music.

As of now, more than 300,000 audiobooks are available on Spotify in the United States. The deployment in the rest of the world is not yet precisely planned. The firm also adds that this is a first iteration and that there is still plenty of room to learn and improve the service.

Accessible via search, recommendations and the bookstore, audio books also benefit from a dedicated section. And if a padlock icon is on the play button, it’s normal: you will first have to buy each content via a dedicated web page.

Spotify specifies that it is possible to download an audio book, to take advantage of an automatic bookmark system or even to modify the reading speed. Other features, especially for audiobook creators, are also expected to arrive later.

Source : Spotify

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