After several defeats, “The Republicans have not regained leadership,” says Éric Ciotti

Yanis Darras
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09:00 a.m., October 12, 2022

The deputy Les Républicains des Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti and candidate for the presidency of the party, was the guest of Europe morning this Wednesday. At the microphone of Europe 1, the quaestor of the National Assembly returned to the future of the right-wing party as the defeats follow one another.

What future for the Republicans? This is the question that members of the party are asking themselves, while the presidency of the latter is currently at stake. Among the candidates, Eric Ciotti wishes to create an electric shock within the party. “What I want is to give back to the family of the right, the place it deserves for having given five presidents under the Fifth Republic, for having made our country progress”.

“Since 2007, we have not won”, recognizes the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes. And to add: “Today, we are in a situation that drives our voters to despair (…) And therefore, my observation is that we have not found leadership. We have not found a voice, of faces that embody the right”, he explains at the microphone of Europe 1.

Laurent Wauquiez presidential candidate of 2027

Candidate for the presidency of the party, Eric Ciotti assures him: “Everyone will hold the same speech. We all say: ‘We are in a situation of danger, we must change everything’. But I have a method for everything change”, assures the LR deputy, “in particular to designate very quickly who will be our candidate for the presidential election, because I no longer want a primary”, he underlines.

“And if I am elected, I propose that our candidate be Laurent Wauquiez” in 2027, adds the quaestor of the National Assembly, explaining that it is no longer possible to choose three months before the presidential election, the candidate of the LRs. “For me, the urgency, it is there. And those who do not want to do it, it is because they have ulterior motives. They are legitimate but me in this election, I put the cards on the table “, he concludes.

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