After shots in front of gay bar: police in Oslo are investigating because of “act of terrorism”

After shots in front of a gay bar
Police in Oslo investigating “act of terrorism”

Two people were killed in a gunshot near a gay bar on the eve of the Pride parade in Oslo. The police assume a single perpetrator and regard the case as a terrorist attack.

After the shots in Oslo with two dead and at least 14 injured, the Norwegian authorities are investigating suspected terrorism. “The police are treating the case as a terrorist attack,” the authorities said on Saturday. A suspect was arrested after shots were fired around 1am in three places, including in front of a gay bar. The fatal shots were fired on the eve of the Pride parade planned for Oslo. The organizers canceled this on Saturday morning.

The shots were fired in the center of the Norwegian capital near the gay club “London Pub” and a jazz club as well as a snack bar. Everything points to a single perpetrator, said police chief Tore Barstad at night. However, the police forces in Oslo have been strengthened as a precaution.

“He seemed very sure of what he was aiming at,” said an eyewitness to the newspaper “Verdens Gang” about the perpetrator. Another witness told the newspaper that the man fired an automatic weapon and that the crime scene looked “like a war zone”. Several people with head injuries were lying on the ground.

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