After the Ares buff, many complaints were made by the community

With the arrival of patch 4.0 of VALUING, LAres has been given a buff while many considered it unnecessary. This buff may have been too much, since now that the update is available, the weapon is everywhere because it is far too powerful and unleashes the wrath of the community.

It all started with the buff introduced in patch 4.0 of the game. The Ares fire rate has increased by 10 bullets fired per second at 13 and the initial spin time, which meant that the weapon had to be slightly warmed up before turning to full power, has been deleted. This buff, which is still massive, was poorly received by the community, the Ares does not require a major upgrade in their eyes but also because nerve of the Specter. The Specter, mainly used during eco rounds, has undergone a very important nerf to diversify the weapons used within the game, however, the combination of these two events made the Specter fall into oblivion in favor of the Ares, present everywhere in this meta, due to the same price point.

You can no longer find yourself against 5 Ares in round 2 despite having won the pistol? You are not the only one. Just take a look on Twitter to find the word Ares in Top Tweet, with over 16,000 tweets mentioning the weapon. The bulk of these tweets ask for an Ares hotfix, ruining the gaming experience for much of the community. The majority of complainants are moreover influencers, streamers and pros, giving more credibility to their words.

The real problem behind this situation is that the Ares ends up much stronger than expected, some even going so far as to say that she is superior to the Vandal and the Phantom, the main assault rifles in the game. This is a problem because where those rifles cost 2900, the Ares only costs 1550 credits, making the perfect weapon so as not to ruin your economy, while dominating your opponents.

Unfortunately, this created meta spam within VALORANT, the Ares having 50 bullets in its magazine. Some even speak ofa V2 meta stinger. For the context, the stinger was a weapon completely abused at the beginning of VALORANT, you could continue to run, as long as the enemy was centered on your screen, it was a guaranteed kill. The fact that this expression comes up when speaking of the Ares shows how dire the situation is.

At present, Riot Games still does not have the Ares hotfix, and many pros continue to complain about it. The weapon is dominant in the game and you just have to watch 5 minutes of any stream to realize it. Now, all that remains is to wait for the publisher to intervene …

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