After the canceled operation – video: Urgent vaccination appeal from cancer patient

He is so brave: On the day after his hopefully life-saving cancer operation “last minute” failed because the intensive care unit was full of corona patients, Thomas Peter Stadlbauer (46) from Linz urged unvaccinated people to take the sting To get Covid-19: “Take to the street – but on the vaccination street!” His two former political employers support him in this appeal.

A particularly insidious cancer has returned to the 46-year-old from Linz, who will be two and soon (in May) three-time father. The operation by a specialist in the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna failed at the last minute on Wednesday morning because the intensive care unit was full of Covid patients while he was being prepared for the procedure and already being brought to the operating room. Stadlbauer drove home again and is now hoping for a new date – we have reported. “My greatest enemy is time. And Corona takes this time from me, ”he summed up his situation in the evening. Strengthened by feedback The day after he is exhausted, but strengthened by a lot of positive feedback. He says, “I can pretty much imagine anything in my life. But the reactions my report drew in the ‘Krone Oberösterreich’ far exceeded my expectations. To show yourself like that, with a personal story, is obviously not a matter of course for a lot of people, for me it was already. Because since Corona has raged in our society, we have been talking about a lot of personal things – often without even realizing it. ”He is now using his media presence for an urgent vaccination appeal that he sent to the“ Krone ”as a video:“ Billions of times over the vaccination has proven itself and the numbers in the intensive care units speak for themselves – vaccinated Covid patients rarely end up there, but people with other diseases need this care. Therefore: get vaccinated! For your children, your parents, the people who are important to you – and for yourself and everyone else who would like to live! “Stadlbauer continues:” Of course, I accept that the decision to get vaccinated is very difficult for some of us seems to be. And despite years of experience with vaccinations and injections, I am not one who enthusiastically screams ‘Hurray’ when I see and feel the next needle coming. But it has to be and it makes sense. In the event of an acute illness for yourself – in preventive care not only for me, but also for the other people in the supermarket or at the gas station, the postman who comes to me, or our children, parents and people we come close to Have and want to have contact. It’s just about us all! “The fate behind the numbers” Krone “columnist and ex-health minister of the Greens, Rudi Anschober, supports him, as does Green politician Stefan Kaineder – for both the active and the former regional councilor, was Stadlbauer office manager (with an interruption due to his first cancer operations in 2018). Anschober to the “Krone”: “Usually we discuss dry figures that describe the utilization of the intensive care units. We are grateful to Thomas Stadlbauer for having the courage to show us what the fate of the numbers is. That in a dangerous pandemic it is simply necessary to protect yourself, to implement the measures, to get vaccinated – and thus to protect others as well. “The former health minister also says:” Our great health system is reaching its limits, it can do that for everyone become highly dangerous. For people with a heart attack, people after a serious accident, people like Thomas Stadlbauer who need life-sustaining surgery. We endanger all of this if we do not take part in the protective measures and do not get vaccinated. If we give ourselves a push, we become part of the fire brigade against the pandemic, we do our part so that this great health system with its excellent employees can help wherever it is necessary. ”“ Courage earns me great respect ”Respect also shows the second politician for whom Stadlbauer worked as an office manager, State Environment Councilor Stefan Kaineder: “Thomas’s courage to go public with his tragic story earns me great respect. He is representative of the many people who now have to postpone necessary operations because of the overcrowded intensive care units. ”Kaineder continues:“ We also have to make it clear to the people in Upper Austria every day that the vaccination is the only solution that we currently have against them Have a pandemic. This can also be clearly seen in the intensive care bed occupancy in Upper Austria with almost 80 percent unvaccinated people – even though the proportion of unvaccinated people only makes up a third of the total population. “
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