After the “Children” scandal: Ferrero is allowed to produce again in a Belgian factory

After the “Children” scandal
Ferrero is allowed to produce again in the Belgian factory

Just before Easter, confectionery manufacturer Ferrero has to recall many of its products due to the risk of salmonella. The source of the scandal is a plant in Arlon, Belgium, which initially has to close. Now the tapes are rolling there again.

Around two months after the extensive recall of “Kinder” brand products due to the risk of salmonella, the confectionery company Ferrero is allowed to resume production at its plant in Arlon, Belgium, subject to certain conditions. After a cleanup by the owner, the Belgian Food Safety Authority AFSCA decided to “grant Ferrero a conditional permit for its Arlon production facility,” it said in a statement released now. The factory had been closed since April 8th.

Shortly before Easter, Ferrero had recalled certain “children’s” products in Europe on suspicion of salmonella, including surprise eggs, chocolate bons and mini eggs. Affected were chocolate products from the Arlon factory in Belgium, which were sold in France, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. According to the company, a filter in a milk butter vat was contaminated.

Authorities in several European countries have linked numerous cases of salmonellosis to the chocolate products. Salmonella can cause symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and stomach cramps and is one of the most common foodborne infections. Babies, small children, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system are particularly susceptible to severe disease progression.

The legal processing of the food scandal has been underway for a few days. In addition to the Arlon factory, investigators searched premises in Brussels and the Ferrero headquarters in Luxembourg last week. The aim is to clarify responsibility for dealing with the contamination, monitoring the food chain and providing or not providing information to the health authorities. The French judiciary announced that preliminary investigations into fraud and health hazards had been started.

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