After the controversy over the cancellation of the Smash World Tour… Panda Global cancels the Panda Cup

Nintendo has small organizational problems. A few days ago, Smash fans discovered with surprise the outright cancellation of the end of the Smash World Tour. In question, according to the organizers, pressure from Nintendo, which did not wish to issue an official license for the holding of this annual circuit. And when the organization announced the cancellation, Nintendo felt that the studio was not at the origin of this end of the tournament and that the decision was entirely up to Smash World Tour… which had no no other way!

Meanwhile, the organizers have announced that Nintendo undoubtedly favored PandaGlobal, the partner chosen at the end of 2021 to manage future circuits on its Smash Bros. games. Again, Nintendo released a statement stating that there was no link and that the partners were not fixed, each having the freedom to submit tournaments for the season. The Smash World Tour had accused Panda’s management of acts of sabotage by making players believe in cancellations.

Accusations that were not ultimately unfounded? A Panda’s first release tried to calm the fire but in stride, nearly 80% of the partners and sponsors of the circuit organized by the group have announced that they are dissociating themselves from Panda. A handful of days later, Panda Global unveiled a new press release, this time announcing the departure of its CEO, Alan Bunney, who was accused from all sides.

An exceptional interim committee is appointed to manage Panda, but the identities of those responsible are kept secret. Hard blow for the esports scene on Smash, since the Panda Cup final is postponed for security reasons towards the staff and the partners of the event. A refund is planned for all those who have already taken a ticket for the tournament.

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