After the iPhone with a USB-C port, the AirPods are entitled to the same hack

Ken Pillonel does it again after the iPhone with USB-C port by creating the AirPods with USB-C port! By doing this, he has undoubtedly fulfilled the dream of many tech fans!

The AirPods 3 case opens easily with one hand // Source: Frandroid

After the iPhone with USB-C port, after the Android phone with Lightning port, engineering student Ken Pillonel is doing it again by creating the world’s first AirPods with USB-C port.

World’s first USB-C Airpods

On May 10, the student of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Ken Pillonel, published a short video in which he briefly shows how he managed to change the connection of his wireless headphones signed Apple.

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A few months ago, the nicknamed Kenny Pi published a video Proof of concept (proof of concept) on his YouTube channel as well. He had managed, for the cost of a few pairs of headphones, to charge AirPods via a USB-C cable. In fact, the real challenge for him was to miniaturize the various connections to fit them into an AirPods case.

What is quite impressive is the integration of the port in the case: you can’t really see the difference with a “normal” case. It is a point on which he has taken care and the result is there.

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The solution was to use a flexible PCB that fits inside this case. But according to him, this technical challenge occupied him almost every weekend for a few months, he confides to The Verge. So far, we’ve only seen a short video, but he said he’s preparing a more detailed one, which is in the process of being edited.

We will be entitled to detailed open source documentation on how to change the port of his AirPods, as he had been able to do with the instructions to switch his iPhone to USB-C.

The creator of this mod has announced that it works on first and second generation AirPods (for now).

Having all your Apple devices in USB-C, is it possible?

With the AirPods, Ken Pillonel can now charge several devices in USB-C: his MacBook and for some time his iPhone. As he shows in the video, he can charge these three Apple devices using just one cable. To do what ? “Becausehe says, abruptly cutting off the video. But we can easily imagine that it’s still easier to have a single cable to recharge everything.

But other Apple devices remain to be modified to have the entire ecosystem of the apple brand converted to USB-C: the mouse or the keyboard.

After the iPhone with a USB-C port, the AirPods are entitled to the same hack
A USB-C port on AirPoids // Source: The Verge

USB-C in the news

What if this engineering student had transformed his AirPods for nothing? This is indeed the question that we can ask ourselves since the question of the obligation to use USB-C arises within Europe. The parliamentarians have also agreed on the principle: only USB-C should be used in Europe. The European Union wants to make USB-C the standard for cables and ports on portable electronic devices. It is possible that in a few years, manufacturers will be forced to equip their devices with USB-C, including Apple.

But at least Ken Pillonel has the merit of going faster than the legislation and than Apple in terms of USB-C. A desire a priori shared by our readers, since during our survey about USB-C on the iPhone, you were 60% to indicate that it would be more practical and 17% to declare that it would be more ecological.

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