After the manufacturer went bankrupt: eye implants suddenly stopped working

People with an eye implant from Second Sight are currently worried about their artificial vision. As “Spectrum” reports, the implant in a patient from New York failed without warning.

The problem with this is that the manufacturer is on the brink of bankruptcy and has effectively abandoned its Argus project. The patient cannot expect any help from this point. How things will continue for her is completely open. Other patients are now concerned.

Defective eye implants: Impact on patients is enormous

Patients with certain eye implants are now worried about a defect in the devices.

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The eye implants are a great help for the blind patients. This allows them to at least see light, dark, and gross shapes. So if the devices fail and there is no more support, those affected have a problem. It’s not just that they can’t see anything anymore. A defective implant can also lead to medical complications.

About 350 people have received the implants from Second Sight. The cost of each was about $150,000. Apparently it wasn’t a particularly profitable business for the company. As a result of the events, the calls for legal regulation of such projects are now getting louder. However, it remains to be seen if there will be any changes here in the near future.

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