After the verdict against Lina E.: Leipzig bans the left-wing demo on Saturday

After the verdict against Lina E.
Leipzig bans left-wing demo on Saturday

The left scene mobilized after the verdict against Lina E. and her comrades-in-arms in Leipzig. The police believe that the demo on Saturday will be “unpeaceful”. The assembly authority ultimately bans them.

After the court verdicts against the left-wing extremist Lina E. and three co-defendants, the assembly authority of the city of Leipzig banned a demonstration planned for Saturday. The basis for the ban are the danger forecasts of the police as well as the situation assessment of the protection of the constitution and “further knowledge” of the assembly authority, the city administration explained. According to the “circumstances that can currently be identified”, security is “immediately at risk” when the planned meeting is held. An “unpeaceful course” of the demo is to be expected, it said.

However, it is extremely unlikely that the demonstrators will remain at home as a result. Nevertheless, the left-wing scene continues to mobilize and criticize the decision as undemocratic. “Now more than ever the day will be ours,” says a post on Twitter. In Leipzig, in addition to the planned left-wing protest on Saturday, the football final in the Saxon Cup between 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig and Chemnitzer F will take place – two clubs with fan scenes, some of which consist of right-wing extremists. The game was initially on the brink because of the large demo bet.

The background to the whole thing is a well-noticed trial at the higher regional court in Dresden on Wednesday, in which left-wing extremist Lina E. and three other left-wing extremists were sentenced to several years in prison for violent attacks on actual or alleged right-wing extremists. The left-wing scene then called for a big “Tag X demo” in Leipzig on Saturday.

After the verdict was announced, there were solidarity demonstrations in the Saxon city and other metropolises such as Hamburg. The protesters criticize the prison sentence for the student and describe the process as a political process. Despite her conviction, Lina E. has been released from prison until the verdict is final and has to report to the police regularly. Having already spent two and a half years in custody, the 28-year-old, combined with good behavior, may not have to serve much of her five-year, three-month sentence.

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