After the Yvelines, an anti-noise radar soon to be deployed in Haute-Garonne

An experiment lasting a few weeks. This is what the Toulouse town hall highlights, which has decided to install an anti-noise radar in one of the city’s arteries, rue Louis Plana, reports The Parisian. Almost a year to the day after the installation of the very first radar of this kind in Yvelines, the municipality wants to fight against incivility, starting with the urban rodeos that plague the streets. And this, while it is already limited to 30 km / h and where many retarders are already installed.

But a report from the Center for Studies and Expertise on Environmental, Mobility and Planning Risks (Cerema) points to the noise in the street; it would even be one of the noisiest in the city. An experiment therefore, because if the test is done in two phases of six months, specifies in Parisian the Deputy Mayor in charge of Health, Patricia Bez, there will be no verbalization during the premiere. The town hall especially wants to identify the two-wheelers that pose a problem and make the most noise. If the test is successful, sanctions could follow.

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Spot the troublemakers

For this, Patricia Bez relies on radar technology “equipped with five microphones connected to the video surveillance system and a 360-degree camera”. A resident of the district confided to our colleagues her dismay, the evening when the motorcycles flock under her windows: “It’s quite unbearable”, she blurted, while specifying that the summer period is even worse “because our windows are wide open, we can no longer hear the television “. If it is satisfied with the installation of the anti-noise radar, it calls for immediate sanctions to make it effective.

On January 4, 2021, the very first radar of its kind was installed in Saint-Lambert in the Yvelines on the departmental road 46, as Capital echoed it. The objective at the time was already to sanction “the ultra-minority behavior of people who voluntarily traffic their motorbike or their scooter”, explained the modem deputy Noël Barrot. He refuted any “punitive” device. Six others have since been installed in the country, including one in Paris.

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