After three miscarriages, she gives birth to triplets

After 3 miscarriages in the space of a year, a 30-year-old woman has given birth to triplets. She discovered years too late that she suffered from a dangerous fetal condition.

The future can sometimes turn out to be very surprising. Hannah, a 30-year-old British mother, shows us this. After giving birth to her first daughter Isabella in May 2018, the young woman and her partner Siobhan decided not to stop there. They then decided to call on the same anonymous sperm donor as for their first child.

Unfortunately, the inseminations did not work. Indeed, DailyMail reports that Hannah has had a series of miscarriages, and has had 3, all at different stages of pregnancy, in just one year. The 2 women were losing more and more hope as the doctors gradually let them down. They therefore made the decision to pay for private care at CARE Manchester Fertility in August 2019.

Siobhan could not get pregnant, as she had previously undergone a complete hysterectomy, the removal of the entire uterus, after a perforation of the bowel.

An astonishing revelation

After doing numerous tests, it turned out that Hannah has always suffered from antiphospholipid syndrome, an immune system disorder that increases the risk of blood clots. A clear answer which finally came to give an explanation to all these miscarriages.

Hannah revealed that after Isabella was born, she did not feel well, which stuck over time. According to the doctors she met, she was certainly suffering from iron deficiency, "deficiencies in this, in that”. Learning the real reason for her ailments scared her, but on the other hand, she was greatly relieved. Hannah was therefore able to treat herself properly with anticoagulants.

The miracle

The couple then decided to use Hannah's last 2 eggs ready for insemination. The magic, or science then worked, and the young woman became pregnant again after years of fighting. An intense joy for the 2 moms, which only increased when they found out that Hannah was expecting triplets! On August 13, the little family welcomed Alice, Evelyn and Amélia. Great news that young mothers could finally shout to the whole world … because they had decided to keep the pregnancy more or less secret, for obvious reasons due to the health crisis and the possible risks during pregnancy.

The birth of the triplets has been a real relief and endless happiness for Hannah and Siobhan. 3 little girls for 3 miscarriages. “It was just amazing. We were both so shocked, but so happy that after losing 3 we now had 3”Hannah told British media.

As a gay couple, we had to fund this whole experience on our own, which was very complicated”Delivered the young mother. Indeed, the couple spent no less than 20,000 pounds in medical expenses. But after all as they say, when you love, you don't count.