After Tomorrow Belongs to Us, this leading actress of the 2000s will join the cast of Plus belle la vie

In a few weeks, Delphine Chanéac, an actress known for having played the lead role in “Laura”, one of M6’s flagship sagas, will make her debut in “Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle”.

If during the launch of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle last January, TF1 viewers met many new characters including Samuel (Inaki Lartigue), Jennifer (Diane Dassigny) and Steve (Florian Abboud).

And the production has not finished bringing in other actors to swell the ranks of the inhabitants of the new Place du Mistral. Last week, it was Guillaume Faure, who played Marc Véry, aka The Wedding Ring Killer in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, who made his first appearance in the skin of Louis, Zoé’s accomplice.

And on Monday February 26, another French television star will make a notable arrival.

Delphine Chanéac arrives in Plus belle la vie

According to the casting of episode 36 of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle, Delphine Chanéac, television star in the early 2000s, will enter the series to play the character of Cécilia Lopes.

It was as a model that the actress began her career. She got her first role on television in 1994 in the series Papa Comes Tomorrow. It was his role in the soap La Vie avant nous which allowed him to gain public recognition.

If she then continued to appear in numerous TV series such as Julie Lescaut or Louis la Brocante, her cinema career began with In Extremis by Etienne Faure in 1999.

From 2005, the young woman who until then had been accustomed to playing pests, favored comic roles with Brice de Nice alongside Jean Dujardin, and with Michaël Youn in Incontrôlable.

The same year, Delphine Chanéac was the summer icon of M6, headlining Laura, the new saga produced by the channel. After playing one of the main roles in the series The Transporter, the actress made a series of appearances in various series.

Fabien Malot/Telset/TF1

Delphine Chanéac in Tomorrow Belongs to Us

In 2017, she joined the cast of Tomorrow Belongs to Us during the plot of The Angel’s Game, which saw teenagers from Sète being drawn into a dangerous game orchestrated by a serial killer. Delphine Chanéac played Lili Paquin, a school psychologist who hides many secrets… and gray areas.

Who is Cécilia Lopes?

For the moment, no information has leaked about the character of Cécilia Lopes. However, the first appearance of Delphine Chanéac strangely coincides with the start of a new intrigue around Patrick Nebout.

According to the short summaries of the coming weeks of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, the police officer, who was injured in episode 32 during a chase, will embark on a dangerous investigation.

Will the character of Cécilia Lopes be at the heart of this investigation? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, from Monday to Friday on TF1 and in preview on the TF1+ platform.

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