AG French Direct: the 4th edition dated, several studios and a game already confirmed

For two years now, our colleagues fromActuGaming organize theAG French Directa presentation dedicated to French-language games. The opportunity to discover titles that will undoubtedly be talked about in the following months and to have new information on the games already known.

And justly, the fourth edition of theAG French Direct will take place on Friday, May 6, 2022, from 6:00 p.m.. Once again, the presentation will highlight games that are often independent and always developed by French-speaking studios. This time we will be entitled to an opening ceremony and 1h30 of live to discover more than 40 games, including “world exclusive” announcements. Several studios have already confirmed their presence, in particular Magic Design Studios who will talk about Have a Nice Deathcurrently in Early Access. will also be there Focus Home Interactive, Nakon, WanadevStudio (Ragnarock), Dear Villager, Ishtar Games, PID Games, Abiding Bridge, Just for Games, Splashteam (Tinykin) and Goblinz Studiowithout forgetting other teams who prefer to keep the surprise.

L’AG French Direct will be followed on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook, with French and English subtitles. Salomé Lagresle will host the conference and we will even be entitled to a post-show to go back in detail on certain announcements. Even better, some titles will be playable as soon as the conference is over via demos on Steam. Finally, the organizers announce that they will be present at the Paris Fan Festival May 7 and 8 to allow visitors to try out certain games at the show.

See you in two weeks to follow this fourth edition of theAG French Direct. As a reminder, the second edition had made it possible to discover Asterix and Obelix: Slap Them All!available as a collector’s edition at €49.99 on Amazon.

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