Again accused of sexual assault, he leaves public life


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Invited on the set of BFM, Nicolas Hulot indicates to leave all public and political life. An issue of Special Envoy, broadcast on November 25, 2021, would report new testimonies for sexual violence against the former minister.

Invited on the set of BFM Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Nicolas Hulot reveals at the microphone of Bruce Toussaint that he has decided to leave “definitely public life”. The reason ? Several accusations of sexual violence and harassment, which come back to the fore on the eve of the broadcast of an episode of the show “Special Envoy” on France 2 giving voice to several women. Nicolas Hulot speaks of a case dating from 25 years ago, prescribed and closed without follow-up, for facts which would have taken place in 1997 with the young photographer Pascale Mitterrand. The show will present other testimonies, in what France Télévisions declares to be “France Télévisions’ best kept secret”, after a 4-year investigation.
The former minister decided to take the lead, denouncing rumors for his part: “I am definitely leaving public life simply because I am disgusted. I am leaving my commitment, I will no longer express myself.”He told Bruce Toussaint: “I know that from tomorrow, the lynching will begin. I want to say it without formula, without element of language: neither near or far, I have committed these acts. These statements are purely false.”

This is not the first time that a rape complaint has been publicly revealed against Nicolas Hulot. In February 2018, the newspaper #Ebdo revealed the existence of a rape complaint against the former minister. At the microphone of Bruce Toussaint, the former minister quipped: “I know that I have a very ungrateful physique and that only coercion allows me to experience love stories”. He declares that“Something happened but in the consent and harmony of a story without a future”.

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