Again ice hockey dispute – spaghetti divorce at the Black Wings

This summit matched the ice hockey confusion in Linz: Yesterday at 8.30 a.m. in the house of Black Wings boss Peter Nader, he met his predecessor Peter Freunschlag and his former deputy Thomas Füchsel. Vice President Joachim Pawelka and his wife were also present from the current board. But it was strange that the host left after an hour and the others discussed without Nader until 10.45 a.m. Inconclusive! But at least a new summit and the exchange of documents was agreed. Although one should have assumed that all the documents had already changed sides in the previous year when Freunschlag was “divorced”. But if that were the case, the “ex” could hardly ask for money: for the video technology in the hall, the VIP interior, etc. “First Linz AG wanted to buy everything from me for 940,000 euros, then not the video technology and therefore has only 580,000 euros offered. And then I was asked to expand everything,” says Freunschlag: “Which I haven’t done before to protect the club, because otherwise they can’t play.”

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