Against government – uprising against vaccination “clear breach of the oath!”

In an open letter, Vorarlberg police officers attacked the federal government’s Covid policy and, in particular, rebelled against the compulsory vaccination. The letter is now making waves, the state police department has now in turn written a letter to the colleagues – and made serious accusations.

“When establishing the employment relationship, we all swore to follow the laws of the Republic of Austria and to faithfully and conscientiously fulfill all duties associated with the office,” says the introductory letter in the letter. If police officers now publicly announce that “they no longer want to support the government’s measures and no longer want to stand idly by the current developments”, then this is a clear breach of this oath. the trust of the population in the objective and unprejudiced enforcement of the current legal situation by the Vorarlberg police ”. Furthermore, it would not correspond to “our culture and our values” for the protagonists to address the public anonymously. Conclusion: “The Vorarlberg state police department is therefore resolutely distancing itself from such tendencies.” It is still not clear who the authors are. According to information from the “Krone”, however, they cannot be assigned to a single political camp, but are divided between the FPÖ, ÖVP and SPÖ. According to reports, the mood within the Ländle police is currently extremely tense. The rebels have been threatened with concrete sanctions, at least indirectly – although no criminally relevant violations are seen, there could be consequences under service law if the officials neglect their duties, for example due to their personal convictions, said State Police Director Hans-Peter Ludescher.
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