Against unemployment, nine socialist and environmental mayors advocate “green jobs”

Nine socialist and environmentalist mayors of large cities advocate, in a column published in the Sunday newspaper (JDD) of Sunday April 11, to create “Green jobs” intended for the unemployed.

“It is absurd today that people are compensated for being unhappy at home, when they could contribute to the common good. It is in this context that we must open a new positive horizon and that we support the establishment of a guarantee of employment for people who are deprived of it, in activities useful for ecological reconstruction. “

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For Martine Aubry (Socialist Party, PS, Lille), Jeanne Barseghian (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, EELV, Strasbourg), Emmanuel Denis (EELV, Tours), Anne Hidalgo (PS, Paris), Léonore Moncond’huy (EELV, Poitiers ), Benoît Payan (PS, Marseille), Johanna Rolland (PS, Nantes), Cédric Van Styvendael (PS, Villeurbanne) and Anne Vignot (EELV, Besançon), “The climate needs hands to accelerate the decarbonization of our economy and millions of French people want a job. It is only in a failing system that these two realities can coexist ”.

“An objective of general interest” defended

It is, according to them, “Meet a large number of individual and social needs in various sectors such as construction, agroecology or even the circular economy”, and this at a lower cost than current employment assistance systems.

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” It is urgent, they conclude, to invent a social ecology that meets the concrete needs of the French and the regions. The guarantee of green employment meets an objective of general interest: to make the ecological transition by leaving the society of mass unemployment. It opens a path along which no one will be abandoned. “

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