Age of Empires 4: Seasons 2 and 3 reveal some of their content

Available since the end of October 2021, age of empires 4 is the franchise’s biggest hit, despite missing some important features. But World’s Edge had warned, new things will be implemented over time. After a season 1 which introduced, among other things, the ranked, the developers have just unveiled some content from seasons 2 and 3which will arrive in the coming months.

On the side of season 2, scheduled for the month of July, players will be able, for example, enjoy a system of favorite cards, allowing quick access to the cards they play the most. A new map will also be implemented. Another requested feature will make its arrival, that of choosing your favorite color. It will also be possible to fully customize your shortcuts.

As for season 3, the details are meager, but we will be entitled to various improvements for the ranked mode, but also the long-awaited arrival of cheats, with, in the words of the developers, “ novelties, whether practical or just fun “.

On top of all that, there will be a lot of tweaks and bug fixes for the launches of these seasons, as well as a few surprises, which the developers haven’t revealed yet. We will know more as soon as July, when season 2 arrives.

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