“Aggression against Russians”: Moscow accuses Berlin of “anti-Russian propaganda”.

“aggression against Russians”
Moscow accuses Berlin of “anti-Russian propaganda”.

Because of the attack on Ukraine, tensions between Moscow and Berlin have escalated massively in recent months. The Russian Foreign Ministry is now accusing the Federal Republic of an “anti-Russian propaganda campaign” and speaks of “daily attacks”.

The Russian government has accused the federal government of inciting anti-Russian hostility. Berlin is endangering “decades of efforts by Russia and Germany to overcome post-war enmity,” the Foreign Ministry said in Moscow on the occasion of the commemoration of Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union. German members of the government would stir up anti-Russian hysteria with almost daily attacks on our country.

An “anti-Russian propaganda campaign” is currently being carried out in Germany, the ministry said. This led to an “unreasonable aggression bordering on mass psychosis” against Russians and Russian-speaking people in Germany.

The Foreign Ministry also accused NATO member Germany of expanding its military presence on Russia’s western borders. This “evokes memories of the most bitter times in Russian-German relations for our people, including the events preceding May 1945”.

First self-propelled howitzers arrived in Ukraine

Because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, tensions between Moscow and Berlin have increased massively in recent months. Russia has drastically reduced gas deliveries to Germany, while the federal government has massively increased spending on the Bundeswehr and, just under four months after the start of the war, delivered the first heavy artillery pieces from Germany to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov recently thanked Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on Twitter for the delivery of the Panzerhaubitzen 2000. The Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk confirmed that the modern guns have arrived in Ukraine.

The Panzerhaubitze is the Bundeswehr’s most modern artillery piece. It looks like a giant battle tank and can hit targets 40 kilometers away. The Bundeswehr has such guns currently stationed in Lithuania to protect NATO’s eastern flank.

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