Aggression on the road: tips to calm down

“You stupid ass fiddle, gas is on the right!”
Aggression on the road: tips to calm down

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Our author likes to drive – at night, on empty roads. When everyone else is sleeping. They make her really angry during the day. But being angry hurts in the long run. That’s why she now wants to get her aggression under control and is looking for tips. Here are their results.

I love driving. At least when I can drive the way I like to: fluidly. Unfortunately, I’m rarely alone on the road and accordingly many disruptive factors with me on the road. Of course, no one drives a car as well as I do! And I would say my repertoire of swear words is as impressive as my driving skills. Now imagine what it’s like when someone on the road doesn’t drive the way they want. My mother is already reluctant to get into my car – too uncomfortable, she says. And I have to admit, you’re right. That’s why I’ve decided to take a deep breath, not to insult strangers (even if they don’t hear it) and, above all, to spare my own nerves. Doesn’t help at all, but puts the only person in a bad mood who can really drive a car: namely me.

But what helps when you come down?

The car rental experts at have some tips on how we can all get through traffic more relaxed – they should know. And they pass on their knowledge to us:

Top premise:

“Whatever happens, don’t retaliate or lose your temper while driving. Concentrate on what you are doing and your driving, not what other drivers are doing. Getting angry will only make the situation worse do.” – Alright, noticed!

1. Sufficient time for the journey is one of the most important points to ensure that drivers do not lose control. Of course, when you start driving under time pressure, the little things stress you out a lot more than they would otherwise. And if we are stressed, the:die Angry Citizens:in take over the helm.

2. Stay on track: Sometimes we want to make it clear to the other drivers how offensive we find their behavior, but imitating it is never a good idea. In the heat of the moment, it may be tempting to make a certain gesture towards the person. But that leads to nothing. It’s best to stay calm and prudent. To breathe.

3. Never drive off feeling agitated! We’ve all experienced it: we’ve just had an argument with our friend, experienced something frustrating at work or heard something sad and we get behind the wheel and we’re only half focused or very upset. In doing so, we put ourselves and others at risk. It’s better to take a deep breath first, walk around the block again and get used to the ride instead of starting straight away.

4. Everything is better with music! Good mood songs and the mood rises. How about a car playlist, especially against stress and a bad mood?

5. Eye contact hazard. People who feel they have been wronged on the road sometimes have a natural instinct to look at the driver of the other vehicle. Not a good idea. Firstly, it provokes the others even more, secondly, in the car, your eyes simply belong on the road.

6. Be indulgent, you’re not perfect 24/7 either. well, That’s true: no matter how well I drive most of the time, of course I also make mistakes. From now on I’ll try to keep that in the back of my mind whenever the anger wants to break out again. Rather focus on how to avoid danger and stay calm.

With all these tips, I’ll get behind the wheel next time and sincerely hope that they help lower my blood pressure. Try it!


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