Agnès Buzyn, Jean-François Delfraissy… Discover the 2022 promotion of the Legion of Honor

547 personalities will have the chance to receive the Legion of Honor, during the year 2022. All the names were revealed on Saturday January 1, 2022 in the Official Journal. Members of the Scientific Council, teachers and even caregivers will be rewarded.

The 2022 class of the Legion of Honor will reward more than 500 personalities. Indeed, according to the list made public in the Official Journal, Saturday January 1, 2022, 547 Legion of Honor will be awarded during the year. People who have worked from near and far to contain the Covid-19 pandemic will be honored. “All the members of the Scientific Council are also distinguished in this promotion of Commander, with the exception of two personalities already promoted.. “The president of the Scientific Council Jean-François Delfraissy, or the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, will be awarded this medal. The name of the latter is likely to make a lot of talk. she was criticized by her positions and her statements at the very beginning of the health crisis. She was also indicted for “endangering the life of others”.

The personalities chosen to receive the highest French national distinctions are “famous or unknown to the general public“. They will be “divided into different ranks (knights, officers, commanders …)“, can we still read in the Official Journal. For this new promotion of decorated, the last of the quinquennium of Emmanuel Macrin, the public sector is widely rewarded since it represents 30% of those awarded. Bruno Lasserre, vice-president of the Council of State, will for example become a grand officer.

Public economic sectors highlighted

It is then the economic sector which is put forward with the medal awarded in particular to the cook Thierry Marx (officer). Culture is not forgotten either with the distinction offered to the composer and conductor Betsy Jolas, or Pap Ndiaye, who in 2021 took over the head of the French National Museum of the History of Immigration (Palais of the Porte Dorée in Paris).

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2/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron will reward more than 500 personalities.

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3/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron will award many Legion of Honor.

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4/12 –

Agnes Buzyn
Agnès Buzyn will be decorated.

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5/12 –

Jean-Francois Delfraissy
The President of the Covid-19 Scientific Council Jean-Francois Delfraissy will receive his medal.


6/12 –

Thierry marx
Thierry Marx will be decorated.

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7/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron has chosen to honor the people who have worked to fight against Covid-19.

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8/12 –

Agnes Buzyn
Agnès Buzyn’s medal risks being criticized.

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9/12 –

The Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor
The Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor is not often awarded.

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10/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron is the head of state.

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11/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron who presents the medal to the players of the France team.

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12/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron during a speech.

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