Agnès Buzyn: threatened, ex-Minister of Health emerges from silence and reveals that he is under police protection: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

After several weeks of silence, Agnès Buzyn decided to speak in the press. The LREM candidate for mayor of Paris, who came 3rd in the first round of municipal elections in March 2020, spoke publicly. In the columns of Figaro Wednesday, May 27, the former Minister of Health returned at length to her explosive statements made the day after the first round. As a reminder, the former Minister of Health said on the first day of confinement, Tuesday, March 17, that she had warned the Prime Minister about the impossibility of holding the municipal elections in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. She had said that she would have liked to postpone this first round. "From the start I only thought of one thing: the coronavirus. We should have stopped everything, it was a masquerade ", she had let go.

In his interview for Le Figaro, Angès Buzyn first wanted to apologize for her comments. "The word 'masquerade' was certainly too strong – people who know me know that I am a policewoman but that I often have a very direct language -. I apologize for using this word ", she said before mentioning her regrets about this interview. "I regret having picked up my phone the day after the first round. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't do it again […] I was struck like all French people by the expected announcement of confinement. I answered hot. However, all politicians know that one never reacts hot in the aftermath of an election! "

Agnès Buzyn confronted with hatred on social networks

According to the former minister, things quickly took a different turn. There was thereafter a "media excitement of incredible violence, conspiratorial, anti-Semitic comments on social networks. I could appear as a scapegoat. So I preferred to wait until the fear subsided ", she said. Today, Agnes Buzyn is still the target of many critics. She also reveals to be under police protection : "I have been threatened on social media and subjected to verbal and physical abuse."

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