AI helps him create the video of a pursuit between a jet and a flying saucer more real than life

If you needed additional proof of the extraordinary capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in image generation, this video worthy of a big budget science fiction film should convince you. More than ever, these new technologies are blurring the line between the real and the imaginary.

Credit: Twitter

THE short films published on Twitter by Me Sidhu will not reassure special effects creators about their professional future. These ultra-realistic images of jet planes chasing flying saucers confirm the fascinating and disturbing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. The videographer shares his creative process with members of the community, because according to him, these new technologies certainly present dangers, but they also offer opportunities.

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Me Sidhu had set himself the goal of creating seven short videos that “mix reality and imagination”. Through this work, he wanted to demonstrate that the real and synthetic images will soon be indistinguishable. The quality of his videos is not only breathtaking, but the use of Artificial Intelligence has allowed him to achieve this result much faster by almost entirely delegating the 3D modeling to the AI ​​to work directly in After Effect. .

He creates videos mixing real images and objects created by AI

Rather than taking Midjourney v5 to court, the creator used the 2D image generator to create composites to embed in his videos. He praises their ever-increasing realism, as much as the excesses they could cause. To believe it, the Turing visual test will be passed by the end of the yearand it would be prudent to embrace projects like those of the Content Authenticity Initiative — founded by Twitter, The New York Times, and Adobe — to ensure content authenticity in the future.

UFOs created thanks to Midjourney v5 / Credit: Twitter / @bilawalsidhu

He advances: “He is essential to identify and authenticate the real images from those of synthesis, as we do for viruses and zero-day vulnerabilities”. To support his point, he shows as an example various photographs more real than life and yet totally imaginary.

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