Ain Fatal accident of Jujurieux: “The madman of the coffin”, “a man hermetic to remorse”

“As soon as he opens his mouth, it’s an additional assault” regretted Me Émilie Priolet, the lawyer for Sandrine Reverdy’s mother and brothers, at the trial of Georges Schutt. A “disarming” attitude added Me Agnès Bloise, for the husband and children of the victim, “a man hermetic to conscience, morality, and remorse”.

Speedometer stuck at 125 km/h

On August 2, 2021, the car of this 40-year-old man hit with incredible violence that of Sandrine Reverdy in the hamlet of La Route in Jujurieux. According to an expert in accidentology, the nurse was turning around at low speed (7 km / h) without imagining that the car which was 400 m away was going to tumble like a bomb (135 km / h according to him).

The speedometer had stuck at 125 km/h, without the slightest trace of braking on the ground. He had fled, hiding in Béziers. Drunk on the day of his arrest, he was also drunk on the day of the tragedy, he admitted….

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