AIN In Saint-Vulbas, at the foot of the power station, the inhabitants remain serene

Are its 1,600 inhabitants resigned, fatalistic in denial or simply in the acceptance of risk? At the foot of the Bugey power plant, Friday March 4, the dormitory town of Saint-Vulbas was strangely calm, almost deserted. Nothing extraordinary assures Steve d’Almeida, the village butcher, delicatessen and caterer. Far from the tumult of the war raging between Ukraine and Russia, the craftsman keeps his cool.

Even when in the night, one of the most powerful power plants in Europe was hit by Russian fire. “We trust those who work at the plant to keep us informed. Even if we are concerned about it, we are quite far from this war, ”he explains.

“It never worked for us”

At the village grocery store, Mireille Falcoz does not seem more disturbed. “Living so close to the plant has never worked for us. As for the events in Ukraine, no customer talks about it. We only hope that the war will not reach France. » 


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