Air Liquide strengthens in impact start-ups

Photo credit © Air Liquide

( — Aliad, the group’s venture capital fund Liquid aircontinues to invest in start-ups that innovate to meet environmental and societal challenges.

Through these investments, Aliad thus contributes to the Air Liquide group’s Advance strategic program, which combines growth and a sustainable future.

Aliad’s last three investments are in start-ups Botalys, Ekoscan Integrity and Flying Whales.

Botalys is a Belgian start-up specializing in the cultivation of rare and medicinal plants. The Botalys solution makes it possible to avoid intensive cultivation in fragile environments such as tropical forests while reducing the carbon footprint thanks to cultivation close to consumption centers. Aliad takes a stake in Botalys as part of a start-up funding round of 6.6 million euros. This investment is accompanied by a distribution partnership between Botalys and Seppic, a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group’s health business. These rare quality plants are intended for the cosmetics, food supplements and pharmaceutical industries.

Flying Whales is a start-up developing rigid-structure airships. The aircraft developed by Flying Whales will eventually make it possible to develop isolated territories at a lower cost and with a lower environmental impact, thanks to the development of hydrogen propulsion and the lift provided by helium. Already present in the capital since 2019, Aliad has strengthened its partnership with Flying Whales by participating in the 3rd fundraising of 122 ME by Flying Whales, alongside other partners.

Ecoscan develops ultrasonic inspection solutions to test the mechanical integrity of equipment based on a unique 3D modeling technology of detected cracks. These services make it possible to monitor the state of industrial installations in a predictive manner, without shutting down the factories. The applications of this technology in the field of industry and energy will make it possible to optimize the production of factories. Already a shareholder since 2021 of Intact, the services subsidiary of Ekoscan, Aliad strengthens its position by entering the capital of Ekoscan Integrity as part of a fundraising carried by the 23 ME start-up. It will allow Ekoscan teams to expand their international presence and accelerate the development of next-generation ultrasonic inspection solutions.

Since its creation in 2013, Aliad has made more than 40 investments and has, since 2020, strengthened its positions in impact start-ups with more than 25 ME invested, including 15 ME in the field of energy transition.


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