Air shows disrupted – drone flights endanger the birds in the eagle arena

As soon as the Adlerarena Burg Landskron finally presents its long-awaited and fascinating flight shows with the majestic birds of prey and owls, drones are disturbing the performances again. That is why two shows had to be interrupted on the opening day. The birds are massively endangered by the flying robots!

“We appeal to everyone to stop these illegal drone flights as quickly as possible,” says Franz Schüttelkopf.
At the opening on Friday, the eagle shows were massively disrupted by a drone. “To protect the birds and the spectators, we had to interrupt twice.” The drone pilot could be located and ultimately showed himself to be understanding.

“Once we almost lost an eagle”
The air shows had to be interrupted several times in the past year as well. “Once we almost lost an eagle that wanted to attack a drone,” says Schüttlelkopf. “The breeding birds and hatched chicks in the aviaries are also massively disrupted by drones.”

The police will be informed on the next drone flight.