Airbnb goes to war against partygoers who don’t follow the rules

Airbnb is determined to prevent anyone from partying in its rentals. After imposing its restrictions in 2019, the platform is now deploying a tool that analyzes user profiles to determine the risk of rule violations. If the algorithm detects a potential partygoer, the latter will not be able to reserve the property.

Airbnb warned us in 2019: from now on, its rentals will be strictly controlled. That same year, several people died during parties organized in properties reserved especially for the occasion. Faced with the controversy, the platform reacted by banning the publication of this type of properties, also called “party-houses”. Then, in 2020, in a series of measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company permanently banned the organization of events.

Yet, according to a survey conducted by Vivint last month, one in five users continue to party at Airbnbs. The firm is well aware of this and, in secret, is preparing its response. Today, the company announces in a blog post the deployment of a new tool in the United States and Canada, capable of detecting “at risk” users. Translation: those who book a rental just to host parties.

Airbnb will stop you from partying in its rentals

This “anti-party” algorithm thus analyzes several user data before the latter makes his reservation. He then relies on the comments received, his longevity on the platform, the duration of his trip, the distance from his home or the duration of his trip to determine whether or not the desired rental will serve as a party venue. . If the algorithm finds this to be the case, the reservation will be refused.

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However, the user will not be left without an option. For example, if the latter wishes to reserve an entire property but this seems suspicious to the algorithm, the latter will suggest that he opt for a room with the locals instead. “A similar version of this system has been tested in Australia since October 2021, where it has proven to be very effective”reported Airbnb, which recorded a 35% drop in incidents related to unauthorized parties in the affected areas.

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