Airbus delivered 661 aircraft and received 820 net orders in 2022

Posted Jan 10, 2023, 7:37 PM

PARIS (Agefi-Dow Jones)–European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced on Tuesday that it had delivered a net total of 661 commercial aircraft in 2022, compared to 611 the previous year, which represents an increase of 8% over one year.

This performance is also below the expectations of analysts polled by FactSet who expected an average of 688 deliveries.

“We are clearly below our targets”, but this is due to “the complexity of our operating environment”, declared Guillaume Faury, the executive chairman of Airbus, during a telephone press conference. “The supply chain has proven to be fragile due to the cumulative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis,” the leader detailed, adding that these factors would persist in 2023.

Airbus had warned in early December that its target of around 700 deliveries was “out of reach”, due to difficulties in its supply chain, which have slowed down the ramp-up of its production. These constraints had already led it to give up its initial objective last summer, namely 720 aircraft deliveries in 2022.

Airbus is ahead of Boeing

The European aircraft manufacturer, however, did better than its American rival Boeing, which revealed on Tuesday that it had delivered 480 airliners in 2022, compared to 340 in 2021.

In detail, Airbus delivered 516 A320 family aircraft (A320, A321) last year. There are also 60 A350s, 53 A220s (ex-Bombardier CSeries) and 32 A330s. No A380 was therefore delivered.

At the same time, Airbus’ gross orders reached 1,078 units in 2022, compared to 771 units in 2021. Adjusted for cancellations, the number of orders stood at 820 last year, compared to 507 in 2021. Again, Airbus outperformed its competitor Boeing, which only received 774 net orders in 2022.

Guillaume Faury welcomed these “considerable order intake”, recorded for all families of aircraft, including cargo planes. “Demand from airlines is back and the market recovery is proving real,” added Christian Scherer, Airbus’ commercial director.

Ramp up

For 2023, Airbus has not yet set any aircraft delivery targets. Analysts polled by FactSet anticipate an average of 794 deliveries. “We are continuing our ramp-up in order to honor our order book”, simply indicated Guillaume Faury.

To find out more, you will probably have to wait until February 16, when Airbus will publish its results for the 2022 financial year.

At the beginning of December, the group had confirmed its financial objectives for 2022, namely adjusted operating profit (Ebit) of around 5.5 billion euros and free cash flow before mergers and acquisitions and customer financing of around 4, 5 billion euros. Analysts polled by FactSet expect an average adjusted operating profit (Ebit) of 5.45 billion euros and free cash flow before mergers and acquisitions and customer financing of 3.79 billion euros.

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