Airbus: receives an order for 12 H145 helicopters – 05/12/2022 at 11:36

( – Airbus has announced that Rega, a Swiss air rescue company, has placed an order for a second batch of 12 five-bladed H145 helicopters to replace the current fleet of AW109SP helicopters.

This new order follows a first contract for nine H145 helicopters, announced in March 2022. By 2026, Rega will have a 100% Airbus fleet of 21 five-bladed H145s.

‘The five-bladed H145 landed on the Aconcagua in Chile, a mountain almost 7,000 meters above sea level – no other twin-engine helicopter has ever achieved this feat. This is why we are particularly proud that Rega has decided to make it the only type of helicopter in its fleet to carry out such critical missions,” commented Bruno Even, Director of Airbus Helicopters.

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