Airport looks: 3 must-haves for your next flight

Airport looks
These pieces are great companions for your flight

Airport looks

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Whether loose trousers, cardigans or blazers – with these items of clothing you are well prepared for your flight.

Are you planning your vacation at full speed? It’s high time to think about the right travel clothing, because the last thing you need on your flight is an uncomfortable outfit. We show you which items of clothing are the most comfortable and stylish travel companions.

leggings and sweatpants

In general, the following applies to all items of clothing on air travel: comfort comes first. What’s worse than sitting on a plane for hours and feeling constrained by your choice of clothes? Wide or elastic pants such as leggings or jogging pants are therefore best suited. Even though fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld frowned on jogging pants and accused their wearers of having lost control of their lives, you can definitely fall back on the controversial piece of clothing for a sporty look. Combined with a matching sweater, both items of clothing create a cool look. Fresh colors or pastel shades are particularly beautiful. Flared leggings provide variety.

Airport looks: These pieces are great companions for your flight

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blazers and cardigans

If you like it a little more chic, grab a blazer. But the cardigan is also ideal for the onion method. Because even when the sun is pointing towards you, it can get really cold on the plane. With a thin jacket to pull over, you are flexible and prepared for any temperature. A black long blazer in combination with a white basic shirt and flared leggings brings business flair to your airport look at the same time.


Anyone who has ever flown knows that airports can be very stressful. In the worst case, you have to run from A to B as quickly as possible. Sturdy shoes such as sneakers are best suited for this – because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.


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