AirTag: batteries are extremely dangerous for children and damage the device

On its site, Apple indicates that a certain type of battery for AirTag to seriously damage the device, because of a product called Bitrex which covers it. Only here, this product is not there by chance: it prevents children from inserting the battery in their mouth and therefore exposing themselves to serious health problems.

Since its release in 2021, the AirTag has found itself at the center of many controversies. Quite often, the little tracker is used to spy on people without their consent. But that’s not the only problem with the device. Indeed, the latter presents a real danger to the health of children. While it is common knowledge that swallowing a battery is a very bad idea, children may be attracted to the round and small size of the AirTag, and may therefore mistaken for candy.

Apple is fully aware of this and has therefore planned for this by covering the battery with a product called bitrex. Its principle is simple: Bitrex has an extremely unpleasant taste, which eliminates any desire to swallow the battery in children. But again, the solution is not perfect. Thus, on its site, Apple indicates to users that AirTag batteries containing Bitrex can seriously damage the device.

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Parents should buy broken AirTags to protect their children

The manufacturer explains that the Bitrex prevents the battery of the AirTag from properly touching the components of the device, which can pose feeding problems. To avoid this problem, it is possible to remove a small part of the product with a cloth. But it would therefore take the risk that his children insert the battery in their mouths, for lack of repellent.

However, the dangers of the battery for health are numerous and particularly severe. Indeed, if it is swallowed, the body then rejects a large quantity of mucus and saliva, which leads to the production of an acid compound capable of burn the organ walls. If you think your child has swallowed a battery, take him urgently to the hospitalwithout giving him water or making him swallow any other product.

Source: ZD Net

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