Airthings View Pollution, View Radon and View Plus, sensors to analyze indoor air quality


In order to control the air quality inside our homes and offices, the Airthings company offers various sensors responsible for measuring the levels of atmospheric pollutants: fine particles, CO2, VOCs and even radon.

Often even more polluted than the outside air, including in the city, indoor air needs to be renewed or filtered. To help us control its quality, various sensors are coming onto the market. Sometimes integrated into air purifiers, these sensors also exist in the form of independent detectors, like the smoke and CO2 detectors that we install in our homes. Different companies share this market, in particular Netatmo for the general public, but also Airthings, a Norwegian company founded in 2008.

Introduced a few months ago, Airthings’ latest View series sensors aim to detect different pollutants. Among them, the View Radon (€199) focuses, as its name suggests, on measuring the radon content of the air, this radioactive gas can cause lung cancer (second cause after smoking, according to WHO).

The second View Pollution sensor (€199) focuses on measuring airborne particles, which the manufacturer’s previous devices (Wave series) did not do.

Airthings View Plus

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How the pricing table works

Finally, the View Plus (€299) is intended to be the most complete of the Airthings sensors, adding CO2 and VOC rate measurements to the measurement of particles and radon.

Integrating a small screen for autonomous operation, these three sensors also communicate with an application which notably adds alerts on pollen levels. What to guard against certain seasonal allergies, one in four people in France being a victim.

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