Akanji sour – Gladbach loses against Seoanes Leverkusen

Freiburg – Dortmund 2-1
This early BVB setback in the title fight annoys Nati star Manuel Akanji: “If we have claims to play up for the Champions League places, that must not happen to us,” he says to “Sky”. “It can also happen that someone is really better than us. But we mustn’t lose the games like this. ”

Dortmund has more of the game – but the game in Breisgau begins with a bang from Freiburg: Vincenzo Grifo (28) circles a free kick from 25 meters past the outstretched arms of Swiss goalkeeper Gregor Kobel (23) into the crossbar. The ball not only touches the inner post, but also kisses the Freiburg fans awake. The audience in the Dreisamstadion is ecstatic. And what about BVB? He mostly has the ball, but doesn’t know what to do with it. The Freiburg show how it’s done. Ball win in midfield, lightning-fast switching game, overwhelmed back team and inside is the ball.