AKI joins the cast of Street Fighter 6

After Rashid last July, it is the turn of the fighter AKI to make her arrival on street fighter 6. From September 27, players will therefore be able to meet AKI in the brand new story mode of World Tour. And thus try to recover his combat style as well as his special attacks.

AKI trailer in Street Fighter 6

Poison mastery is yours with the lethal blows learned from the fighter with the poisonous personality. Nightshade Pulse or Snake Lash will poison your enemies just by touching them. Unless of course you prefer to directly inject the poison into your opponents with Claws of Ya Zi.

The World Tour mode will also be the opportunity to learn more about AKI’s interest in the Shadaloo organization and to help him find his herbal remedy in Tian Hong Yuan.

About the Fighter Pass AKI is coming, it will be available from September 1st, for a limited time. It will allow players to customize their avatar but also their interface in the colors of the new Street Fighter 6 fighter.

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