Alain Delon: “We slept with him”, Capucine Anav lifts the veil on a shocking moment against Cyril Hanouna

Sunday March 17, 2024, Capucine Anav will discuss the Alain Delon affair in the show Face à Hanouna. While she shared the life of the actor’s youngest son, the actress made it known that the actor had always wanted to end his life in Douchy.

Between 2017 and 2019, Capucine Anav was in a relationship with Alain-Fabien Delon, the youngest son of Alain Delon. While she remained on good terms with her former companion, she went to the set of Facing Hanounathe number of which will be broadcast on Sunday March 17, 2024, on C8.

In an excerpt shared on X, formerly Twitter, Capucine Anav explains why she supports Alain-Fabien Delon’s version facing that of Anouchka Delon. As a reminder, since January 2024, Alain Delon’s children have been tearing each other apart over the conditions in which their father must live his last moments.

Capucine Anav reveals having slept with Alain Delon in Switzerland

While the actor’s daughter would like to repatriate him to Switzerland, his two sons, Anthony and Alain-Fabien want him to stay in Douchy, as he would have always made known. A version supported by Capucine Anav. Facing Cyril Hanouna, she explained that he had always affirmed his desire to stay in his Loiret estate.

Even when Alain Delon was hospitalized in Switzerland after his stroke [en 2019, N.D.L.R.]we went to the hospital, we slept with him. He said to Alain-Fabien: ‘I want you to take me back to Douchy!’ He absolutely wanted to be at home, in Douchy! Will understand who can“, she said on the set of the show broadcast on C8.

Capucine Anav supports her former companion, Alain-Fabien Delon

This is not the first time that Lola’s mother has supported her former companion. “All that is in the past for me, but having been around the Delon family for a while… unconditional support for the boys”she said in a message posted on her Instagram story just a few days after the affair began.

Anthony Delon’s lawyer had given an explanation which could push Anouchka Delon to want to come to Switzerland. “She is afraid that he will lose his tax resident status and that in this case, that she will also lose the benefits of inheritance.“, explained the lawyer during an interview on CNews.

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