Alain Finkielkraut would not have supported confinement alone: ​​“I would have let myself die”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Monday March 16, 2020, Emmanuel Macron made a speech that has gone down in history by asking the French to confine themselves to their homes until further notice in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. The President of the Republic has extended this confinement several times but in a new speech delivered on Monday April 13, he mentioned a date of deconfinement if the trends are down and the virus kills fewer people every day.

Unless changed, on May 11, the population will be able to return to an almost normal life after almost two months of confinement. Alain Finkielkraut broached this subject in C to you Thursday April 16 and made an amazing revelation. The philosopher measured the luck he had "not to be confined alone"for several weeks and for good reason, he would not have supported it!

Words that surprise

The one who so often was insulted provoked the stupor of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine when he affirmed that he could not bear to live alone in this particular period. "If I had been alone, maybe I would have let myself die, "he said. And to wipe out this dark idea while thinking of its current situation:"I'm not alone so my confinement is far from painful."These words shocked the columnists around the table of the program of France 5 but unfortunately reflect the discomfort that can feel all the people who have to cross this confinement by counting only on themselves.

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