Alain (Love is in the meadow): Sudden departure of a suitor, his explanation does not convince him

This year in Love is in the meadowhard to missAlain, this 58-year-old calf breeder with a strong character but with the most touching career path who can no longer bear loneliness. This was good because these are three suitors who were lucky enough to join him at the farm for a stay of a few days. And for good reason, when speed-dating, Alain discovered that he had been affected by Covid-19. As a result, it was Karine Le Marchand who took over for him and went to meetAlain, Jean-Noel and Gilbert. Then, the host, in agreement with the production of the show, allowed them all to continue the adventure.

And in the new episode broadcast this Monday, September 26, things took an unexpected turn. Indeed, only the day after his arrival at the farm, Gilbert made the decision to give up. According to him, a future for two is not compatible. “I thought last night telling myself that I would not have the same way of doing things, he is someone who is quite directive so, after a while, it will get stuck. I did not feel what I had felt during the portrait. It seems to me that he had said that he wanted to slow down but I don’t see him slowing down at all, I don’t even know if he wants to free himself from time. Me, I’m reaching an age where I don’t really want to run anymore. So, to let go, I prefer to let go now than in 15 days“, he explained in front of the camera.

A decision understood by Alain, although he does not really believe in the excuse concerning his pace of life: “I don’t feel the problem like that, I rather think that he did not want to change his life, that it scared him. It’s like that, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

If this is a first start, Alain still has two suitors with whom to have a good time. The very enterprising Alain, always ready to get noticed and who is not afraid to flirt openly with the farmer – he has not stopped annoying his competitors – and the more reserved and sensitive Jean-Noël. While Alain said he had a crush on his namesake, he is ready to give his rival a chance. Even more after the little moment together that they shared and during which Jean-Noël was able to open up to him. “I’m really discovering him, he’s settled down, he wants a life as a couple, he wants to move forward, he’s not there for nothing, it upsets you a bit. Everything is open, I have no barriers vis-à-vis him“, assured Alain.

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