Alan Wake 2: Remedy talks about the sequel, the TV series and the Switch

Alan Wake finds its way to the Nintendo Switch. (Image Source: Remedy Entertainment)

In keeping with the anniversary, developer Remedy spoke about the future of Alan Wake. The cult game not only gets a sequel, but also a TV series and a port for the Nintendo Switch. We summarize all the information for you.

Alan Wake

Happy birthday Alan!

On May 14, 2022, the horror game Alan Wake will celebrate its 12th birthday. To celebrate this day appropriately, developer Remedy has uploaded a new video to their in-house YouTube channel. In the so-called Anniversary Update, Creative Director Sam Lake talks about the future of the brand.

First up is the Alan Wake Remastered Collection coming fall for the Nintendo Switch. This version has been available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox family and PC since October 2021.

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In addition, it is now clear that the TV series will be produced by AMC. The US TV broadcaster is best known for successful series such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. When the Alan Wake series will appear, however, is not yet certain.

Of course, Alan Wake 2 was also talked about. According to Lake, the sequel is developing well and large parts of the game are already playable. Don’t expect solid information or even a trailer just yet. Remedy doesn’t want to rush the launch of the game.

As a consolation, however, Remedy publishes a few new artwork for Alan Wake 2. We don’t want to withhold these pictures from you:

From underdog to secret superstar

Although Alan Wake, then still an Xbox-only title, wasn’t a huge success, the atmospheric horror game has evolved over the years a real favorite in the gaming community. A DLC followed and in 2012 a port for the PC.

The already mentioned remaster version was released in October 2021. This is how Alan Wake found its way onto the PlayStation.

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