Alan Wake 2: the first Night Springs expansion teased, when will the reveal be?

Remedy Entertainment stirred up everyone last October with Alan Wake 2, one survival horror with a convoluted but exciting storyline. A title that fleshes out a little more Remedy Connected Universeplayers obviously want more and two expansions are planned.

The first should be Night Springs, which will allow you to embody several characters from the saga through episodes of a fictional television series already well known to fans. When will we be able to find out all this? Well probably in the coming weeks, because on social networks, things are getting active. Remedy changed the name and photo of his page (ex-Twitter) in Poison Pill Entertainmentthen shared a logo with the text “Poison Pill Entertainment.” Since 1995 Night Springs City ». A teaser that raises a lot of questions, but we should have some answers very soon, because Geoff Keighley reshared this teaser, it organizes as a reminder the Summer Game Festthe next edition will take place on June 7, from 11:00 p.m.

Alan Wake 2 Poison Pill Entertainment Night Springs City Teaser Remedy Twitter

Geoff Keighley is also very close to Sam Lake, creative director of games Remedylogically, so we should discover the extension Night Springs of Alan Wake 2 during this conference at the end of next week. Fingers crossed that developers take advantage of the launch of this additional content to finally add the mode Photowhich should arrive during the spring.

Alan Wake 2 is, as a reminder, only available in digital format on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, you can find maps PSN on Amazon, Cdiscount And Fnac.

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