Alan Wake: the remaster announced on Switch, artworks for its sequel and info on the TV series

Long considered a (very good) niche game, Alan Wake is enjoying a second life in recent months. Remedy launched a version Remastered on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S last year, but as theESRBit will soon arrive on Switch.

Eh yes, Sam Lake just announced that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch. Information shared in the introduction of a video to celebrate the anniversary of the game, but the creative director still keeps the release date secret. However, the rest of the video is just as interesting, and the team of Remedy finally tells us about the TV series based on the franchise. Well, CMA just bought the rights to the series Alan Wakewhich should speed things up, but again, Sam Lake says no more.

The rest of the video allows Remedy to come back to the history of the license, in the company of Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta, the face and the voice ofAlan. Unfortunately, Sam Lake announces from the outset thatthere will be no new information regarding Alan Wake 2 this summerthe studio prefers to give a first impression that will delight fans rather than too much teaser. However, we are entitled to some artworksthe atmosphere is as expected much more horrific, and the creative director wants to be reassuring, the development is going very wellbut he wants his team to stay focused on creating the game rather than making announcements to the public.

Alan Wake Artwork Concept art 03Alan Wake Artwork Concept art 05 Alan Wake Artwork Concept art 02 Alan Wake Artwork Concept art 01

This will therefore probably be the only information we will have on Alan Wake 2 for the will have to be patient, even if they have already been waiting for this sequel for very long years. Remedy should however speak again soon to give the precise release date ofAlan Wake Remastered on Switch. The title is already available on PC and home consoles, against €22.99 on Amazon.

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