Alarm for Cobra 11: RTL series is sent in pause

RTL has announced that the shooting of the action series "Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Autobahn Police" will not continue due to the coronavirus pandemic. The fictional formats in particular are more affected by the corona crisis than most entertainment programs due to production delays and high investments, according to "". "Therefore, the shooting of the action-packed series will be paused until all new episodes have been broadcast and the economic conditions make it possible to ensure the enormous cost of 'Cobra 11' again."

The fans can look forward to a total of 14 new episodes in 2020. According to "" the season is currently still in production, but the broadcast will follow soon. Then Pia Stutzenstein (31) will be seen as the new Commissioner alongside Erdogan Atalay (53) for the first time. The actress follows Daniel Roesner (36), who left the series after four years.

"The fact that I am the first woman to play at Erdogan's side again exceeds everything. Finally I can show that women in Germany can also do action!" Said Stutzenstein in a statement in September 2019. And Erdogan Atalay explained in advance: "We have told the 'buddy team' for many years, now is the right time for a partner." Erdogan Atalay has been on the series as Commissioner Semir Gerkhan for over 23 years. The premiere of Stutzenstein was to be celebrated in the spring and had to be postponed due to a corona-related shooting stop in mid-March.