Alarming study: Foodwatch warns of unhealthy food for children

Foodwatch study
Children’s foods are still far too unhealthy

Breakfast products in particular are still particularly unhealthy for children.


Colorful packaging, cute little animals on the label and colorful content: the tricks for labeling food as particularly child-friendly and addressing this target group are diverse. A study by Foodwatch has now shown that these foods are often very unhealthy for children.

Too sweet, not rich in vitamins, too fatty. Experts have been watching children’s nutrition with concern for years. This is why consumer organizations such as Foodwatch are calling for more transparency and a drastic change of course in the industry. A current study has now shown that especially foods that are presented and sold as particularly child-friendly are dangerous for the younger generations.

Foodwatch: Almost 86 percent of children’s products are unhealthy

An improper diet is widespread among children: often also because they fall victim to the marketing strategy for foods that are extremely high in sugar and fat. This can have long-term consequences for their health. In 2007, the largest food companies actually committed themselves to a greater sense of responsibility. The study by Foodwatch and the German Alliance for Noncommunicable Diseases (DANK) shows that this has so far not really had any effect on the products. More on this in the video.


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